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based on SlimeMaid's dreams, a slime must save a princess from evil humans who were all mutated by their own weapons.

some cool things about this game:

  • Made in around 48 hours
  • Only uses 8 colors total, throughout entire game

featuring music by:

special thanks to these people, i love you, thanks for making this dream come true:

  • thanks to the hamster crew (this game was made with OHRRPGCE) on IRC/espernet/#slimesalad, especially tmc and bob.
  • thanks to nikki for making a bunch of sprites!
  • thanks to Circรฉ Torres for amazing slime princess sprite


  • Escape/alt: back/exit
  • Space/enter: accept/ok/next
  • Arrow keys: move

It's even on GitHub!



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holojam.zip 18 MB
setup-holojam.exe 17 MB
holojam-mac.zip 18 MB
holojam-linux.tar.gz 17 MB
holojam_2017.04.17_i386.deb 17 MB


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I think I saw a trailer about one of your games a long time ago and downloaded the theme of the video on my cell phone, since then I always wondered if that game actually existed or I dreamed about it ... the thing is, I played this  game and I just finish it. i loved it

I like the colours and design of the game but it's too hard for me. I'm sorry.

if you talk to the right side before the humies start, u will have an inventory most fierce

your medidation and dream dial is: moon circle circle star circle